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Tangible business benefits

We deliver actionable results sooner, so you can use them to generate new business and maximise turn-over.

Your data’s value, fully realised

We are experts in identifying patterns in data you already hold. By working together, we can unlock its full potential.

Timely business intelligence

We talk your language, whatever your line of business. Our staff have a passion for clear, concise communication.

Our Services

Increase business revenue

Through intelligent use of data, we will help you to engage with new and existing customers, drive profits and reduce costs, using the powerful, hidden assets that you already have to hand.

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Realise hidden data value

Collecting data is easy, but understanding what it tells you takes knowledge and skill. By identifying patterns in the information, you already have, we can unlock its full potential.

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Streamline business operations

From gathering and filtering data to its analysis and presentation, Red Olive helps you cut through the noise to find meaningful patterns, and use them to take your business forward.

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Augment your skills and teams

Our practical, hands-on approach accelerates your team’s ongoing learning. They will be able to apply the latest analysis and business information techniques right away, so you recoup your investment sooner.

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GDPR service revenue

Refine your marketing efforts

GDPR is an opportunity to identify your most likely repeat customers, through which you can more effectively focus your marketing efforts.

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