In this episode of Fibonacci: the Red Olive Data Podcast, we chat to social housing data expert Barry McNulty from Epictetus Solutions. We discuss Barry’s journey from an economics degree and early career in social housing, to becoming a senior leader in data management.

Barry shares how better data analysis can provide evidence-based, data-driven decision making in social housing, and the importance of both data governance and cooperation between housing associations. He also gives his perspective on the potential of machine learning in housing and touches on the increasingly important role of data in regulatory requirements.

Here are the main topics with their timecodes:

  • 01:01 Barry’s journey into data management
  • 02:49 Understanding the value of data in problem solving
  • 07:18 The role of data in driving business decisions
  • 12:38 The future of data in the housing sector
  • 24:08 The importance of data governance in housing associations
  • 27:27 The role of data evangelists in housing associations
  • 32:16 The future of housing associations and the role of data

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