Angel of the North

British outlook with a global focus

Our data consultants are based in both the south and north of England, including in London. Our people reflect the multi-disciplined, talented industry in which we operate. We pride ourselves in working well alongside our customer’s existing teams. Whatever your corporate culture, we can contribute fresh, new ways of thinking to compliment your existing business practices.

Paying back your investment many times over

Our skills can be applied to any sector, from publishing to policing, and utility networks to data lakes. That is because we focus on data and processes, not specific platforms. Our goal is always to deliver meaningful, usable results in the shortest time possible.

We are passionate about what we do, and want to share our knowledge. That’s why we are open about the way we operate, and will happily show you what we are doing every step of the way. We can even train your in-house staff so they can take over when we reach an agreed milestone.

We don’t believe in waiting until every asset is in place, as doing so could mean you miss an opportunity that will never be repeated. That’s why we prefer to start work as soon as we’ve agreed on parameters, and gather data throughout the course of the project.