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We work across a range of sectors, with particular experience in the following industries:

Insurance services


We work with some of the biggest insurance names to get value from their claim, premium and performance Data.

Red Olive works with leading national and multi-national insurers to use the data they hold to drive better decision making, meet regulatory requirements and operate more efficiently.

We do this with commercial and retail insurers, including Admiral and MS Amlin, that understand the power of data to influence productivity, profit and customer service.

Housing industry


We help the housing sector to get more from the data they hold for compliance and legislation.

We help build better tenant relationships and shine a light on your ESG reporting.  We also proactively help with your estate management, voids management and support you with predictive maintenance planning.

We offer consultancy, training or we can be used as an outsourced data team. We have worked with large and small housing associations including Poplar HARCA, Peabody and the Hyde Group among others.

Manufacturing industry


We work with large scale enterprise businesses helping them get more value from the data they hold by providing data transformation projects and analytics support for Industry 4.0 and 5.0 workflows.

We help to ensure that systems such as finance, HR, supply chain, logistics, warehouse management and enterprise resource planning (ERP) are working as one, using a single version of Business Information.

Our team is experienced in setting up data strategies, implementing data engineering and data science solutions, creating dashboards and reporting tools.

We also provide training for your teams to ensure that there is a common understanding across the business about ways in which data can improve products, customer service and the bottom line.

Talk to us to see how we can improve your business information strategy, increase your business revenue, streamline your business operations and augment your team’s skills.

FMCG industry


We work with leading FMCG brands helping them get more value from the data they hold.

Red Olive acts as a trusted partner and critical friend, analysing business information and performance.

Using data as evidence, we use a range of analysis tools to ensure that metrics and information flow around the organisation in the most productive way, highlighting issues before they become problems and redefining future plans using effective data science tools, machine learning and predictive analytics work.

We can help with a wide range of challenges including sentiment analysis, digital transformation and improving Business Information across an organisation.

Talk to us about how we can improve your data and information strategy, your business revenue, streamline your business operations and augment your team’s skills.

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