Get smart with your data

We work with some of the biggest insurance names to get value from their Claim, Premium and Performance Data.

Red Olive works with leading national and multi-national insurers to use the data they hold to drive better decision making, meet regulatory requirements and operate more efficiently.

We do this with commercial and retail insurers, including Admiral and MS Amlin, that understand the power of data to influence productivity, profit and customer service.

Clearer understanding of risk exposure and loss ratios

Consider reinsurance opportunities

Manage catastrophe modelling

Meet governance and regulatory requirements

With Red Olive's help, you can significantly reduce your data management costs. Your teams can have more streamlined communications with data as the backbone for commercial decision making - for your bottom line and to meet Governance and regulatory requirements.

We can help you have a clearer understanding of your risk exposure and loss ratios, manage catastrophe modelling and consider reinsurance opportunities.

Access more accurate data on a reliable and repeatable basis, enabling you to make smarter decision faster.

Insurance case studies

MS Amlin case study data warehouse

Becoming a strategic partner for MS Amlin

We became MS Amlin’s strategic partner of choice for data management, helping the insurer to design its WhereScape solution to maximise cost and data efficiencies, improve its data mart management and reporting solutions.


Moving Admiral Insurance to the cloud

Red Olive provided data design and management support to move Admiral Insurance to the cloud, using our cloud and WhereScape expertise to assist the internal data management team with complex change processes.

This commercial efficiency will drive a clear competitive advantage and give the insurer a stable, reliable and well-governed data warehouse and data lake that improves all aspects of the business.

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