Data strategy

No matter if you only have a few properties to manage, you will have access to more data than you realise. When we start working with clients, it is quite common for us to unearth several silos of data stored – and used in different ways. And more often than not, there is duplication in the information stored and how it is input.

We can help housing associations to structure and manage their data stores across the organisation so the data insights are more usable, accessible and can assist with future business planning. There are many and varied uses – in the housing industry, we have helped housing associations use energy data in their moves to create smarter homes. We have also used the data as a red flag in a change in behaviour with vulnerable residents.

Our approach and our experienced team allow for a clear pathway to get a complete picture of how your data currently flows across your organisation. We do an initial deep-dive and then analyse the findings to create a project plan with measurable steps to work with your data. We look to create a system that works with your existing set up so while we are creating a future-proof system, there is little disruption to your day-to-day work.

Our data modelling experts can help you structure your data to help you make meaningful comparisons and get a sense of what is happening with your properties in real-time. We can help you create a manageable data strategy so that all of your organisation benefits – and your residents will too.

Compliance Reporting

Red Olive helps housing associations with compliance reporting, including a solution to assist with the annual SDR submission. Our SDR DataAssist solution makes it faster and simpler to compile the required information for NROSH+.

Several housing associations keep their departments quite lean to release more money for the development and improvement of housing. This means that more often than not, the people who are responsible for the SDR submission have a day job as well and aren’t dedicated to just doing the SDR. On top of that, there can be communication challenges between departments when collating the required information and a lot of manual input.

SDR DataAssist helps compile the information required for submission and removes the need for manual ‘tweaking’ in the creation of the report. As well as the SDR submission, there are a number of other reports required for compliance. Red Olive has extensive experience of creating compliance reports for organisations in housing and other industries.

Visualisation and Dashboards

Red Olive works with its clients to deliver app-based and online dashboards that give them the clarity they need to make timely decisions based on accurate data. These can be used by the C-suite and in departments across a housing association. Each dashboard is tailored to the Housing Association’s brand values and uses its corporate colours.

Red Olive’s approach is open, comprehensible, and conducted in a series of logical steps. We don’t immediately subject your data to algorithms and statistical analysis but draw up charts and diagrams to illustrate the data you hold, from where it has come, and how your collection processes can be enhanced to build a complete picture of your business performance and its full potential.

When patterns emerge, we assess their usefulness in gauging the health of your organisation and guiding the internal decision-making process. We design dashboards and infographics that extract the maximum value from the data that are useful, practical tools for your teams to read at a glance. Plus we can define standards in them that we know you have to report on for compliance for NROSH+. Contact us for more information.

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