Protect your business from risk

Business risks come in many guises – from staff quitting on short notice to data breaches and physical break-ins. By checking for patterns in data and behaviour, we can identify these threats before they manifest and help your business run smoothly day to day.

We can see which staff are at greatest risk of resignation, allowing you to address the issue making them unhappy. We can implement enterprise-wide data controls to keep you in line with current and future legislation, and apply machine learning and predictive modelling to highlight anomalous behaviour long before it becomes obvious. In doing so, we help data controllers mitigate risks and avoid potential penalties.

Proactively manage your business assets

Many of our clients invest heavily in working assets and know what a challenge maintaining such large inventories can be. With field-based technicians, fleets of wagons, components to run and operations to manage, they rely on us to forecast problems before they occur.

We can monitor installations in real-time, and use visualisation of their locations, data management, asset tracking and preventative maintenance records to pinpoint weak spots in their infrastructure. Inventory managers rely on us to model future performance based on past failures so they can put preventative measures in place.

It helps them maintain their assets, their good name, and keeps their customers happy, too.

Get more value from your data

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