Data modelling

You almost certainly have access to more data than you realise. The first step in making it useable is to organise it – a process known as data modelling.

Our data modelling experts will help you bring structure to your information assets so that they are optimised for analysis and manipulation. Structured data will allow you to make meaningful comparisons, formulate hypotheses and forecast emergent trends. In industry speak, this is predictive analytics.

We can devise platform- and application-agnostic data collection processes and supervise hardware roll-out, database design, and final collation for analysis and visualisation.

Predictive analytics and AI

Predictive analytics enables your organisation to use the data it already holds to forecast future trends and performance. It is a powerful tool, but it requires a level of skill to fully identify and exploit patterns.

By using algorithms and artificial intelligence (AI) to mine your data, we can identify segments, allowing you to more accurately target specific customers or customer types. This will reduce ineffective marketing spend and allow you to increase sell-through.

It is not only human behaviour that can be forecast in this manner. Beyond direct and indirect marketing, predictive analytics can help maximise the lifespan of high-value capital assets by accurately gauging likely fail scenarios, or model neighbourhood crime profiles on the basis of the local retail mix. Indeed, there are very few situations to which it cannot be employed. All you need is appropriate data and the know-how to translate it.

Accurate forecasting has often been considered a black art, but with the right metrics to hand, and the skills required to mine it, it can be employed with a high degree of accuracy and confidence, no matter the business industry or market focus.


We work with our clients to deliver app-based and online dashboards that give them the clarity they need to make timely decisions based on accurate data. Each is tailored to their brand values, uses their corporate colours, and helps staff, from the boardroom down to the shop floor, to engage with the data and act upon its potential.

Our approach is humanistic, comprehensible, and conducted in a series of logical steps. We don’t immediately subject your data to algorithms and statistical analysis but draw up charts and diagrams to illustrate the data you hold, from where it has come, and how your collection processes can be enhanced to build a complete picture of your business performance and its full potential.

When patterns emerge, we assess their usefulness in gauging the health of your organisation and guiding the internal decision-making process. We design dashboards and infographics that extract the maximum value from the data that are useful, practical tools for your teams to read at a glance.

Get more value from your data

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