Establish a solid data platform

For many businesses, it’s hard to work out how to structure data so that it is easy to understand in a way that can be reused across the organisation. We help our clients translate their raw findings into a usable state, designing and setting up the best data platform to suit their business requirements.

We process and clean the data with the wider business goals in mind, creating valuable assets that would be cost-prohibitive if done just for smaller projects.

We do this by applying our agile approach to delivery, best practice modelling techniques and a range of cutting edge technologies to rapidly access the data and make it easy to navigate. In the process, we help data controllers, and the in-house analysts that will work with the results to create a platform that is easy to understand, appropriately scaled for each organisation, and designed for growth to minimise ongoing costs.

Visualise your results

We work with global brands to present their messages with impact. We help them to build anything from printed infographics to online dashboards and assist their in-house teams where they lack the ability to design a reporting suite of their own.

We help them increase revenue by maximising the return on their investment in time, assets and expertise. When you understand how your business is performing, and has performed in the past, you can build on the data you already hold to make better business decisions – more accurate projections, clearer investments and a wiser deployment of existing assets.

Drawing insights from business intelligence in an understandable way is a skill, one we can instil in your staff with our ground-up training programmes. We will give them the ability to pick up where we leave off when a contract, project or engagement comes to an end.

Deliver impactful insights

Our approach to design is rooted in Gestalt psychology: we understand how the brain and eyes work together to interpret what they see and pride ourselves on staying up to date with the latest Business Intelligence and Visualisation tools.

Our process enables us to extend our data design discipline to presentations, generating easily-managed suites of reports, underpinned by robust data structures and hierarchies. It might sound technical, but the results make instinctive sense to even the least-trained reader.

Get more value from your data

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