Welcome to Red Olive

Red Olive is passionate about data and the power it has to make businesses better.

I don't see the logic of rejecting data just because it seems incredible.

Fred Hoyle
(Astronomer and mathematician)

We help our customers use the data they hold to make their businesses more powerful, productive and profitable.

And we help them to access it easily – whether it is a dashboard, a forecast or some information on customer loyalty. We believe data management can be simple – so contact us and let us show you how and why working with Red Olive can make your business stronger.

Our value proposition is:

  • Very strong business alignment
  • Short time to achieve tangible business value
  • High quality, integrity and transparency

We also offer executive training and business workshops to keep you and your staff up to date on hot information and data topics in just 3-4 hours. Click here for more details on our briefings on predictive analytics, agile data warehousing, master data management and data quality improvement.

If you’re looking to get more value from your data and information,
contact Red Olive on +44 1256 83 11 00.