Information Training and Development from Red Olive

Journey: People and Change

If your organisation could do with some information training and development, Red Olive can help you with a series of flexible training and development services.

From helping clients build in-house capability from scratch, through mentoring and training of individual staff members, to providing an ongoing fully outsourced insight and innovation service, Red Olive has the expertise to educate and inform small teams, large groups, Board members and stakeholders.

If you have little or no existing personnel or skills, Red Olive provides the initial capability to run an information project and can help you to define your future needs in recruitment and in team management. This enables immediate progress while letting you build a knowledgeable internal team for the longer term.

You might have existing personnel that are changing roles or need to extend their existing skills. In this situation, Red Olive can provide targeted support by mentoring your staff members during a project.  As well as being a cost effective way to benefit from industry best practice, this can also lead to increased staff loyalty.

Some clients prefer to remain focused on their core business and work long term with Red Olive as their insight and innovation partner. If you choose this option, you gain access to one of Red Olive’s specialists who will help you to apply data to analytical applications and business prediction, without the need to invest in this specialist role on a full time basis.

A further benefit to you is that this approach enables you to gradually develop your ability to reveal more complex concepts from your data such as customer loyalty, market penetration and churn.

Typically a consultant may work on an ongoing basis with a number of different people in your organisation, which increases return on investment as several of your staff can make full use of this investment.

Organisations which fail to provide such assistance often remain heavily dependent on contractors and external partners, lose key staff and miss out on the injection of fresh ideas from working with an external specialist partner.

What’s involved with our training?

Red Olive’s work building an information management capability starts with a capabilities assessment and includes creation of role specifications and assistance in the selection process.

Improving the strength of an existing team typically involves a training needs analysis and a programme of mentoring to build skills such as dimensional modelling or data quality rule definition.

Long term partnering for insight and innovation involves the design of a specific package at a level to help you achieve your objectives. Red Olive can tailor its programmes so they directly meet your needs.  Please contact us to discuss these in more detail.

Suitable for:

  • Organisations looking to increase staff loyalty
  • Businesses looking to keep headcount to a minimum while gaining expert knowledge
  • Companies looking for flexible training solutions