How can Red Olive help you with your Information and Data Governance?

Journey: People and Change

Red Olive’s information and data governance work often begins with the examination of your current situation and your future goals in order to outline a roadmap for information and data governance.  Working with you, Red Olive develops an action plan covering information roles and responsibilities, data policies and standards.

Key benefits of this activity include using consistent information definitions to drive organisational agility. This helps you to provide a consistent customer experience across international boundaries confident that processes are in place to ensure compliance with industry regulators.

Organisations that do not have effective information and data governance in place have internal disagreements over the meanings of business terms and frustrate customers with different experiences between divisions.  They are often at risk of fines from regulators for not meeting obligations to hold accurate consumer contact details or reports on risk exposure.

Cleaning up your act!

Red Olive’s role and responsibility model is used as a starting point but refined for use within your organisation to allow for your culture and working environment. The most suitable candidates can then be identified from your staff to ensure compliance is adhered to on a regular basis.  Where there is little internal experience of information and data governance to date, Red Olive can provide assistance to develop these staff members.

Suitable for:

  • Organisations looking to create a common language between departments by clarifying the meanings of business terms
  • Businesses looking to offer a more consistent customer experience
  • Businesses looking to ensure regulatory compliance