Data Migration

Control Room: Harnessing the Power of Data

Data is the number 1 business risk during any major business change. Red Olive’s approach to data migration provides peace of mind by putting in place an auditable migration process.  It is not dependent upon any particular source system and so it is ideal for minimising business risk in complex environments with many different data sources.

Data migration is often a catalyst for improving data quality and establishing master data management.  Red Olive’s experts can build data enrichment into the migration process, for example to validate the accuracy of your customer contact data or remove duplicate products.  We also consider the migration as part of a holistic whole and aim to lower your total costs by developing as many components as possible that can be re-used in your new business design.

Red Olive’s approach to data migration

Our consultants work with your business people to assess the scope.  Together we decide whether it makes sense to build a standardised, reusable system or to handle the migration of each business unit discretely.

With Red Olive’s approach, the migration becomes the ‘backbone’ from which more sophisticated data quality improvement activities can be accessed.  We work in such a way that the code is re-used after go-live to prevent your data quality from decaying again once the new system is live.

Suitable for:

  • Businesses that need to enrich their data to validate the accuracy of customer contact details or to correctly categorise their services and products against an external standard
  • Companies where the data represents a large business risk and so must be migrated accurately
  • Organisations undertaking any major business change and who wish to reduce the risk that their project go-live may be delayed due to not having the correct data in the system.