We help companies grow their revenue and realise the value they hold in their data. If you take a logical approach, anything is possible and it’s our logic that sets us apart.

Working with the data you already hold

We can help you design a data warehouse or data lake, devise appropriate capture routines and formulate schemes for storage and retrieval, while helping you to recognise how the data you hold can drive future business performance.

Our first task on any job is to audit a company’s existing data resources and identify ways in which we can extract the maximum value from what they already possess.

This not only reduces costs, it also allows us to deliver meaningful results more quickly. Our customers can make informed business decisions in close to real time.

Delivering actionable results – sooner

We don’t believe in keeping our clients waiting. While some rivals withhold their findings until a job is complete, it is our policy to keep our clients in the loop. After all, it is their data that we are working with.

By delivering figures, patterns and recommendations as soon as they have been verified, we empower businesses to implement changes faster. This informs our ongoing work, which means every contract remains a live and responsive engagement throughout. Should early findings indicate that the original goals of the job were inappropriate, this can be discussed and amended in good time to deliver more meaningful, relevant results.

In every instance, we tailor the information to the company’s individual need. As our approach is informed by Gestalt psychology, everything that we present is perceptive and in context.

The right team for the job

Our data modelling expert team is versed in designing data warehouses for clients large and small. We live, breathe and talk data – working out the best way to capture and organise it and, when we have instigated a steady flow of usable metrics, how best it can be stored for immediate recall and use.

We have data visualisation teams, who spend their days segmenting data, identifying patterns and drawing out useful, actionable sets. They help businesses understand future goals and how to get there faster.

And across both of these teams we have expertise in prediction and intelligence. We are not talking pie-in-the-sky opinions, but forecasts based on solid data, tailored to your business and its way of operating.

We can work in-house or out, on a short-term contract or extended engagement, and share our expertise with your staff so that, when our involvement is over, they can build on what we have achieved to maximise the value of your investment.

To find out how working with your customer data can increase your turnover, call Red Olive today on 01256 831100 or email [email protected]