Recruitment runs on data. With candidates chasing jobs, companies searching for staff and agencies pairing each with the other, it’s a business built on personal information and constant, hourly updates.

Specialist recruitment company​ ​nGAGE​ works with some of the best-known names in its field, including Adecco, Hays and Manpower. Its platform helps them share data, so that each can reduce its workload and the amount of redundant emails it is sending. By syncing data between its partners, nGAGE can flag successful applicants, taking them out of the update loop to reduce the number of emails its partners have to check.

Tracking thousands of applicants and hundreds of jobs generates gigabytes of data, which somehow needs to be processed. Before calling in Red Olive, nGAGE has been using the Microsoft stack to process and report on its data, which was slow and unwieldy to manage.

This was perfect for in-house use but presented issues as soon as nGAGE wanted to share its data with the individual recruitment agencies with which it works. How could it surface those same reports without giving its clients intranet access? Creating multiple logins was an administrative overhead, and the security issues this might involve were a risk it couldn’t afford to run.

nGAGE asked Red Olive to recommend a platform that addressed these concerns.

A simple, effective recommendation

The solution that Red Olive settled on was​ ​Power BI​. Joel Dasari, Consultant at Red Olive, explains: “One of the attractions of Power BI is its ease of use. It is a cloud-based system, which recognises that each of these reports is the same, just with different data inside it. It allows connections to different sources which greatly simplifies the data extraction and presentation. The transition caused the minimum of disruption and preserved the integrity of nGAGE’s database.”

Reducing the workload

Red Olive recreated the reports that nGAGE already produced, setting them up with empty fields for Power BI to populate. Now, every time a client logs in, it sees the same templated report as any other, but with its own specific data in place.

This greatly simplified things for nGAGE. Power BI lets it mock up reports quite quickly, without a lot of work, and if something isn’t working, nGAGE can fix it fast. nGAGE’s intranet remains secure. It hasn’t had to open its firewall to allow its clients inside, and with Microsoft maintaining the Azure server on which Power BI resides, it needn’t concern itself with maintaining the infrastructure, either. It simply needs to amend each report as its clients’ requirements change and specify which data set each login can access.

Joel adds: “There’s no need to tweak a lot of parameters. It’s as simple as drag and drop. Add the field you want to expose, choose how the data is represented, and you’re done.”

Although it’s on hand to provide support if required, the switch to Power BI has allowed Red Olive to sign off and step back. This had been another of the brief’s key requirements. nGAGE’s reporting system has been successfully transitioned, and now it can serve its clients in a more secure, cost-effective and flexible manner thanks to Red Olive’s guided implementation.

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