David Grainger is as reinsurance statistician with MS Amlin, an insurance company that is a leader in the property, marine and reinsurance markets. He has worked in the IT and data space for several years and has been at MS Amlin for the past 12.

David joins us on this episode of Fibonacci, the Red Olive data podcast to talk about the challenges around data in insurance in what is a very conservative industry. We also discuss where the opportunities are for businesses like MS Amlin that want to use analytics and insights to future-proof their technology investments and bring reporting and business value to the entire organisation.

Here are the topics we discuss with their timecodes:

  • The challenges that the technology teams have to keep up with the pace of change in the business (2m 53s)
  • The journey from disparate systems to a single, enterprise-wide platform (6m 6s)
  • Difficulties in delivering a single platform when there are many individual programmes going on (7m 59s)
  • Dangers of projects that are delivered in silos, and a ‘business as usual’ approach (8m 49s)
  • Becoming a data-led business when you have multiple, business intelligence tools (12m)
  • How the hub and spoke model works for the organisation (14m 26s)
  • Tying the Wherescape, Infosphere and reporting platforms together so regulators can see evidence that there is good governance of personal data (14m 57s)
  • Improving fraud catching capabilities (17m 11s)
  • Becoming leaner to be fitter for the future (18m 22s)
  • What to do when programmes don’t deliver their aspirations (20m 27s)
  • Moving to the cloud, future-proofed by the Wherescape tool, and working with Red Olive (21m 33s)
  • The effect of Brexit on the business, and moving data when the data is in multiple systems (26m 51s)
  • The skills a data professional will need entering the industry (30m)

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