Looking to find a better way to optimise job scheduling in WhereScape?

MetaMart is a WhereScape RED extension which provides a solution to surface and simplify the tool’s underlying metadata providing areas of functionality which can help optimise and resolve issues in job scheduling in a faster and simpler way.

Areas of functionality include:
·      Insight into your ETL processes and identify whether a job schedule has succeeded or failed, which part failed, and why
·      View the integrity of the ETL processes through stages and ensure the correct number of rows have been processed by each stage in the data flows, while also identifying which row or column has not gone through
·      The ability to analyse and improve your ETL processes by highlighting changes in processing times and/or volumes while identifying bottlenecks

These key areas help optimise your job schedules by identifying issues and providing ways to resolve them in an easier and faster way for a more consistent workflow.

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Interested in learning more and discussing the functionalities of MetaMart further?

WhereScape is hosting a Global User Group on October 26, 2022 (at 16:00 UK time) with a presentation on ‘Optimising Job Scheduling in WhereScape’ by data experts Red Olive.

The WhereScape Global User group is a community event which brings together data professionals who use, benefit from, or want to know more about WhereScape. The event is a forum to exchange ideas, hear about the very latest updates in WhereScape and share best practice.

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