In today’s episode of Fibonacci, the Red Olive data podcast, we talk to Ben Barrass. Ben is the group head of data at Centaur Media, a provider of market intelligence and publisher of publications such as Econsultancy, Design Week and The Lawyer.

He is responsible for planning and execution of the data strategy across all the digital subscription products the company runs. With over 19 years of experience across a range of digital business operations, he is a marketing technology expert.

Coming up in the episode:

  • Ben gives the perspective of a data professional in a central team within a large organisation containing different businesses that service very distinct audiences.  (1m 35s)
  • Moving print-based publications to digital successfully (3m 17s)
  • Standardising and harmonising services, reports and removing silos of knowledge (4m 40s)
  • A new way to think about what data we collect and whether it is worth sending an email to the people on your email list that never open it. (9m 23s)
  • How to use data to help people that have been in the organisation for a long time (14 m 3s)
  • The importance of building data collection in a project from the outset and the dangers of relying on ‘phase two’ of a project (20m 52s)
  • The increasing importance of data literacy in an organisation (25m 53s)

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