Thanks for joining us for episode four of Fibonacci, the Red Olive data podcast, where we discuss the issues that businesses need to consider when extracting more value from the data they hold.

Steve Taberner, head of data platforms at Kingfisher plc, chats with Nicky in this episode. Steve is a business intelligence and analytics leader with a track record of delivering innovation, modernisation and transformation in large organisations, including Travis Perkins, Elsevier and Vodafone.

Key topics discussed

  • How data has been essential for companies making decisions during the pandemic (2 minutes 16 seconds)
  • Using personas to understand your customers (3 minutes 50 seconds)
  • What winning in a marketplace means (7 minutes 39 seconds)
  • Using data to improve supply chains (9 minutes 15 seconds)
  • The main challenge faced when using data models to make decisions (11 minutes)
  • Creating a self-service culture in an organisation (12 minutes)
  • The importance of persuading people to think about reports in a different way (14 minutes 24 seconds)
  • Capturing trial knowledge within an organisation through a data platform project (17 minutes 21 seconds)
  • Top-down buy-in and bottom-up awareness is key to a self-service data model being successful (19 minutes 18 seconds)
  • Whether a centralised business intelligence function is needed in a modern business (20 minutes 48 seconds)
  • The biggest changes coming in the next 18 months (23 minutes 44 seconds)
  • What skills should people look to develop if they would like to progress their career? (25 minutes 52 seconds)

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