The WhereScape UK+ User Group is a community event where we will be bringing together data professionals who use, benefit from or want to know more about WhereScape. Our events are forums to exchange ideas, hear about the very latest updates in WhereScape and share best practice.


• Introductions from the Chair, James Gardiner (Head of Data Technology for Admiral Group) and the hosting partners, Red Olive and Engaging Data (10 mins)

• Dynamic Dev Projects in WhereScape Red demo by Kevin Whittington, Senior Consultant at Red Olive – (20 mins)
Do you ever struggle to navigate your WhereScape tables? Wouldn’t it be great if you could dynamically define a match string?
Find out more about Red Olive’s latest dynamic code project and addition to WhereScape Red.

• Engaging Data will demo the Art of The Possible: WhereScape 3D and GIT. (20 mins)
In this demo, Engaging Data will show you how you can develop scripts to:
1. Commit a model to GIT
2. Import from GIT
3. Revert an existing Model to a GIT commit

• Update on product road map from WhereScape – Simon Spring, Operations Director, EMEA, WhereScape (20 mins)

• Q&As/General discussion