Richard has been talking data for over 32 years as a Business Intelligence and Data Analyst across diverse industries and technologies. In particular, he loves creating visuals which see data become information and ultimately tell a story. He loves seeing the look on a person’s face when they get a new report or dashboard that shines a light on a data and information challenge. He has a track record of revealing information from disparate data, through data cleansing and merging to front end dashboards and reports. He can speak to business users or more technical users too. He has experience in SQL Server, T-SQL, Oracle, PL/SQL, Teradata SQL, PowerBI, RDBMS Administration and Development (SQL Server, Oracle, Informix, MySQL), SSIS, Wherescape Red, Python and R Statistical.

Richard spent several years at TAH where he worked on Wherescape Red, analytics design and data warehousing. He then moved to CSI where he provided BI modelling solutions for clients in the pharma, education, NHS (hospitals/dental), ‘fast food’, investment/ insurance, leisure/ travel, financial institutions, oil & gas companies, universities, TV/ broadcasting industries.

When he is not working on data projects, Richard enjoys playing guitar, retro computers and a decent film or book.