Today on Fibonacci, the Red Olive data podcast, we talk to Simon Benham, Head of Data Strategy at Catalyst Housing, one of the UK’s leading housing providers in London and the Home Counties. It is now part of the Peabody Group, responsible for 104,000 homes, with around 220,000 residents across London, Kent, Sussex and the Home Counties.

Simon’s background until he moved to Catalyst was in data governance in the finance sector. But is working in a housing association completely different, or does he face similar issues?

Here are the topics we discuss with their timecodes:

  • The differences and similarities between the financial services and social housing sectors (55s)
  • How data can help deal with the shortage of affordable homes (3m 10s)
  • Getting data into one place and improving the quality of data (3m 30s)
  • Staying focussed and engaged while dealing with the background of a merger (4m 50s)
  • Dealing with the audit and risk committee (7m 30s)
  • Who to involve when planning a data project and ensuring data quality (12m 10s)
  • Biggest challenges and opportunities when using data in the housing space (15m 20s)
  • Understanding customers through data, leading to a better service (17m 37s)
  • Approaching the integration of two companies’ systems (19m 18s)
  • How to communicate best during a data project (21m 10s)
  • Challenging those who hide behind the GDPR (25m)
  • Using data to improve sustainability (27m)

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