Red Olive shared a stand with partner company Red Commerce last week at the joint European SAP / SAP Insider BI and Financials conference held at the “Milano Congressi” in Milan, Italy.  Around 1,500 people were there from many countries including Russia, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar as well as those I come across more often such as The Netherlands, France, Germany and Scandinavia.  They were from many industries although particularly well represented were oil and gas as well as industrial processors, banking, consumer goods and pharmaceuticals.

“Analytics” was definitely the word of the conference.  One of my colleagues made a short video in which I’ve summarised my general impression and a few take-out points from the conference.  It was filmed at our stand which was quite noisy.  You can view it here:

A few things that stood out for me were that delegates seemed impressed with the quality and breadth of the sessions, that SAP HANA featured heavily and that many SAP customers are confused by the sheer array of SAP BI tools and their renaming.