This posting is in response to Andrea’s comment on pratical experience using Talend Open Studio.  There’s a comment on that page too, but this separate post is here to enable a screenshot to be attached.

No user except original installer

Hi Andrea, I hope you can see the image well enough, the issue was logged with Talend at in January this year, the issue number was 101085.  We also entered into a dialogue with Talend on behalf of our client, our experience was that Talend were pretty responsive given that this was the free version of the software and no support contract was in place.

The Talend software was installed on the server by one of our consultants using the admin account on that server.  To then start all the Talend services running and to use those services, the consultant named a user ID in Talend.  That user ID had admin rights.

The free version is licenced only for a single user.  Our aim was to leave the client with a single user Talend system, and to do that the consultant also created a second Talend account which also had admin rights; the Talend software allowed that.  The aim was to have an audit trail, to be able to distinguish between worked carried out by us as a consultancy versus the client once handover had taken place.

The problems started once the consultant logged off and the client staff member tried to log on.  The system wouldn’t allow that.  We spoke with Talend representatives in sales, pre-sales and technical, and their organisational response was that the free version of the software is only intended as a single-user system and therefore multiple accounts are not allowed.  They are of course allowed in the paid version.

Regarding your comments about how the scheduling is disabled, I’ll need to check with one of our consultants.