Welcome to the latest episode of Fibonacci, the Red Olive data podcast where we speak to Carly Lund. Carly is the Chief Digital and Data Officer at YSC Consulting, a boutique professional services firm that specialises in leadership consulting. YSC helps organisations identify and develop the leaders they need to achieve their business strategies and it has been working on a massive programme of data work.

A chartered psychologist, Carly has a proven record of building, developing and leading global consulting teams that design and implement talent management solutions. We chat about the sophisticated data modelling and data science programme of work for which Carly is responsible at YSC, how automation has improved her organisation’s data quality by 100% and how data is opening new services and solutions for YSC’s future business strategy.

Key topics discussed

Here are the main topics with their time codes:

  • How data has interacted with psychology in the past (2m 03s)
  • Integrating data with YSC’s services and building data assets (4m 54s)
  • Bringing the organisation with you while implementing change (7m 38s)
  • How Covid and clients have driven transformation (11m 53s)
  • The importance of repeating and reenforcing your messages (14m 36s)
  • Building workflows to capture data consistently to build data sets (15m 09s)
  • Using existing data to build efficiencies and improve services (16m 52s)
  • The importance of using external data consultants (21m 54s)
  • Benefits of data-driven conversations with clients (24m 10s)
  • Excitement around personalisation of services (25m 44s)
  • The future role of data in understanding people in organisations (27m 44s)
  • When people are happy to provide data, and when they are not (30m 29s)
  • Marrying data skills with commercial ability (33m 0s)
  • Skills that the leaders of the future will need to thrive (34m 30s)

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