Working as a Data Consultant

My degree is in physics and mathematics. After I graduated, my first job was as a Business Intelligence developer for a company that worked with airlines. I was working with the company’s galley planning data, which we eventually built into a reporting data warehouse. In the end I decided I was interested primarily in data analysis and I wanted to work with a variety of industries, so Red Olive seemed a great opportunity for me. When I arrived I already had some experience in Talend ETL, a knowledge of several databases and some experience with languages like Matlab and Python.

Being at Red Olive has given me the opportunity to carry on learning and developing. At the moment, I’m doing a lot of independent data warehouse building as well as learning new technologies and exploring new solutions. The whole business ethos encourages you to use your initiative in creative ways to solve unusual problems. It’s very engaging. Everyone here is passionate about data and analytics which makes it a refreshing environment to work and learn in.

During my time here, as a data consultant, I have developed a customer portal for a recruitment client in Microsoft Power BI. For an online education company, worked with a data warehouse designer, implemented Kimball methodology in practice and built a phase of a client data warehouse. For a business to business media company, developed a suite of reports for analysis of customer engagement. For an FMCG company, developing both components of the data warehouse and some mobile, cloud-based sales dashboards.

A lot of my hobbies relate directly to what I do at work. Currently, I’m finding the stuff on blockchain, big data and machine learning interesting and when I’ve got the spare time I enjoy working out at the gym. I do feel very lucky that my work and personal interests align so well, and that working at Red Olive gives me the opportunity to explore them in new and interesting ways.

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