Credit Suisse were good enough to invite Red Olive to present at their Hedge Fund CTOs’ evening recently.  The evening was hosted at the Credit Suisse offices in London.  There were about 30 people there from hedge funds such as PCE Investors, Marshall Wace, CQS, Tarchon Capital, Blue Bay, NewSmith and others.  The evening started with a presentation and then carried on over drinks and canapes.

The topic for the evening, chosen in advance by the participants, was “effective decision support in a small to medium business”.  The aim was to demonstrate practical decisions that an organisation can take to get as much out of their information assets as possible.  It was particularly relevant for this group because many of them are in organisations with 50-150 people.

The evening generated some interesting discussions and some good follow-up activities.  A portion of the material presented is being made available through Red Olive’s blog.  The first in the abridged series is here: