Mention master data to most business people and their eyes glaze over, but what if you could generate serious new revenue streams for your business from your master data?  Get more from current customers, find new customers and even grow new markets?  Many big international companies estimate their MDM programmes are worth over $100 million a year to them – is your company missing a trick?

In this practical session we’ll be taking a business angle on case studies from industries including banking, telecoms, utilities and high-tech manufacturing.  We’ll use the case studies to illustrate 5 different scenarios and then get you to extend the examples to come up with ideas that would work in your own business.

The organisers have saved the best till last, we’re on at 16:30 on Wed 9th Nov in the DAMA conference, please come along.  We’re happy to help you build your business case and we’ll also have details with us of other upcoming events we’re running.

Here’s the DAMA conference website, the event starts on Mon 7th Nov with in-depth training and the main conference starts on Tues 8th Nov:

Here’s the latest conference newsletter: and here’s Red Olive’s article in it, “Improving business performance using predictive analytics”: