Red Olive is delighted to have completed the Cyber Essentials process and certification, which helps to protect our business and our clients from a range of the most common cyber-attacks.

As a business that accesses and analyses external data, it’s clearly important that we can demonstrate to our clients that we have taken all the appropriate steps to ensure that our technology is safe, and our people are trained to spot potential cybercrime issues.

It gives us a clear, up to date and externally validated picture of the security levels that we as an organisation ought to have in place and this has enabled us to ensure we do have processes in place that give our customers reassurance about our operations.

“As a consultancy often working with large clients, it’s imperative that we can give our clients confidence in the way we work,” says Nigel Meek, Senior Consultant at Red Olive. “We often access our clients’ internal systems through our own technology, and so it’s no surprise that clients want to see that we have procedures and processes in place to protect them. That’s why we have chosen to take the Cyber Essentials certification.”

Cyber Essentials is a UK-government-backed scheme, developed in partnership with the National Centre for Cyber Security. A self-assessed process, it challenges businesses to think about their approach to cybersecurity and make the necessary changes to protect themselves against attack, including educating employees.

“There are three drivers for improving our security,” says Nigel Meek. “First of all, it’s the right thing to do. We should always be aware of how we are looking after our business and our clients’ businesses. Secondly, we are a growing business, so it makes sense to look at cybersecurity approaches now, so that we can scale our processes as we grow. And finally, it gives comfort to our clients – a clear focus on cybersecurity could be the deciding factor between choosing Red Olive and another supplier.”