So as with all things that we love, we have got slightly obsessive (I say we but really it’s just me I think). Apart from being a Trekkie generally, I think the character of Data in Star Trek is the best sci-fi character ever. He basically is like the Hermione Granger of Harry Potter. Things just wouldn’t work without Data on board. This got me thinking about how in real life, this is a major consideration – basically unless you get your data sorted generally, businesses and life just don’t run as smoothly. So here is our accolade to Data – the number one fictional character!

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Some key characteristics about Star Trek’s Data

Data is physically the strongest, and information/calculation-wise, the most intelligent member of the Enterprise crew. He is able to survive in atmospheres which most carbon-based life forms would consider inhospitable, as well as in the lack of an atmosphere or the vacuum of space.

Data is vulnerable to technological hazards such as computer viruses, certain levels of energy discharges, ship malfunctions (when connected to the Enterprise main computer for experiments), remote control shutdown devices, or through use of his “off switch.” Data has also been “possessed” through technological means such as; Ira Graves’ transfer of consciousness into his neural net, Dr. Soong’s “calling” him, and an alien library that placed several different personalities into him. Data cannot swim unless aided by his built in flotation device, yet he is waterproof and can perform tasks underwater without the need to surface. Data is also impervious to sensory tactile emotion such as pain or pleasure. In Star Trek: First Contact the Borg Queen grafted artificial skin to his forearm. Data was then able to feel pain when a Borg drone grabbed his arm, and pleasure when the Borg Queen blew on the skin’s hair follicles. Despite being mechanical in nature, Data is treated as an equal member of the Enterprise crew. Being a mechanical construct, technicians such as Chief Engineer Geordi LaForge prove to be more appropriate to treat his mechanical or cognitive function failures than the ship’s doctor. His positronic brain becomes deactivated, and then repaired and reactivated by Geordi on several occasions.