Query and Reporting

Safe Landing: Information Delivery

Your business people need easy access to different information for different tasks.  They need routine information delivered to them as personalised reports, data ‘cubes’ to examine trends and trace problems and suggestions made to them dynamically to guide them. This is what Red Olive delivers for you in a timely and reliable way and this is why the systems we develop get used.

We understand the business relevance of your data so you can be confident that the content of the reports will make business sense for you. The terms we use when creating reports are always business terms and never technical ones.  Because of the way we design, we keep the number of separate reports to a minimum which makes it easier for your business people to find what they need and also decreases the ongoing cost of maintaining your reports.

Reporting with Red Olive

Once we understand the data sources, we design and develop your reports in an agile way by prototyping. This means our consultants sit with your business people and through rapid iteration they quickly create reports that are meaningful and easy to use.

Suitable for:

  • Companies that have a large number of unmanaged reports, many of which are rarely used
  • Companies whose reporting only serves one department and who wish to benefit from using their information by sharing it with other departments
  • Organisations with a first generation reporting system, perhaps as a set of flat files on an intranet, that want to gain insight by linking together their information