What’s involved in a Project Launch Workshop?

Journey: People and Change

The aim of an information project launch workshop is to create a constrained, resourced, costed project plan which all project team members buy into and which the right influential stakeholders agree to.  Red Olive’s approach offers a very contained way to set up any change activity for success as well as preparing the material that might be needed for financial approval and submission.

At the end of the workshop engagement, you will have  a project team that are fully briefed and energised to start work. You will also have relevant stakeholders who are engaged and have clarity about what will and will not be delivered.

Organisations that do not undertake the right launch preparation end up with projects that have no clear plan and fail to meet business expectations, experience project opposition leading to expensive delays, and have project teams who are confused leading to rework and low quality deliverables.

How can Red Olive help you get your project off the ground?

After doing some pre-work, Red Olive assembles the initial project team for a 1-2 day workshop (which would ideally be held offsite), while advising you on who should be involved. Through a series of structured steps and with guidance throughout, your team quickly produces a realistic project plan.

Development progresses quickly from an unconstrained to a well resourced plan because of the team engagement which is forged a lot quicker and stronger with Red Olive’s bespoke management.

  • Organisations that want complete buy-in for specific projects from staff and stakeholders
  • Businesses looking to control costs through better managed projects