Master Data Management Design and Implementation

Control Room: Harnessing the Power of Data

Red Olive’s Master Data Management (MDM) service is designed to take over where data strategy finishes. With the specific master data of most value to you already clear, Red Olive steps you through a structured process to define how MDM is best implemented in your company.

In a controlled way, Red Olive’s approach directly empowers specific business people.  We make them responsible for their own data by giving them access to data stewardship tools.  With these tools on hand, if you’re a bank you have a clear view of your risk for each business partner to ensure FSC compliance.  If you’re a utility or energy company you can manage your assets more effectively.  If you’re a consumer goods or manufacturing company you can optimise the performance of your supply chain across countries.

Companies that fail to manage their master data effectively are unable to analyse sales across multiple divisions, are unable to get a single view of their customer and are sometimes unable to identify their own staff in their own different systems.

What’s involved with Red Olive and Master Data Management?

From the start, Red Olive works directly with your business people and your data. This guarantees that what we design is a tailor-made fit rather than off the peg. As specialists we understand that the pressures on MDM are very different from transactional systems, for example the ongoing pace of change is much higher.

Using information from the data strategy, we take the data of highest business value and then review your target business processes. We apply our data modelling expertise to produce a very flexible MDM design that works for you and which can accommodate frequent change. The approach to implementation depends heavily on the findings of the data quality work that is taking place in parallel, but Red Olive works with you in a partnership to ensure that your data becomes a key foundation for your business moving forwards.

Suitable for:

  • Companies looking to analyse sales across multiple divisions
  • Businesses requiring a single view of their customer
  • Organisations looking for clearer staffing