Dashboard Design and Implementation

Safe Landing: Information Delivery

Whether on your CEO’s iPad, your salesmen’s BlackBerry or a plasma screen on your customer service team’s wall, good dashboards tell a clear story at a glance.  They are intuitive and graphical and their apparent simplicity belies the fact that crafting an elegant dashboard takes real skill.

Red Olive’s approach to dashboard design

At Red Olive we believe the key measure of success for an information delivery project is user uptake and a well designed dashboard drives that. One very cost-effective approach that Red Olive offers is simply to create a dashboard as an easy entry point enabling access to your many existing but under-used reports.

Going a level deeper, implementing a dashboard can be the catalyst you need to broaden your horizons and embrace a Balanced Scorecard. At its full extent, a dashboard can provide you with the impetus to start a rigorous strategy into action campaign.  Red Olive provides consultancy and works with you to help you choose the most appropriate scenario for your business.

Suitable for:

  • Companies that have invested substantially in data quality improvement already but are not using the information available to achieve business success
  • Businesses needing to unite a lot of people behind a common goal, such as a call centre team behind a sales target
  • Departments whose staff are time-poor and that need a guided path through a commonly agreed structure, rather than getting lost in the detail of information overload