What is Business Performance Improvement?

Does your business performance need sharpening? If you had a better grasp of your data, would it help you to provide a greater and more consistent customer experience while becoming more profitable?

Vision: Information and Data Strategy

Applying the right information to the right problem is power.  With its business performance improvement service, Red Olive takes key strategic details from an organisation’s information and data strategy and uses it to measure how a company is performing against a series of strategic goals. Where progress is not at the desired rate or performance is unreliable, Red Olive’s business performance improvement highlights the root causes. In partnership with you, Red Olive then takes action to improve performance.

Organisations that lack an effective approach to business performance improvement cannot agree what to do about deeply rooted and complex performance problems, cannot effectively allocate their scarce resources to improve poor performance and cannot leverage improvements made in one area across their whole organisation.

How can Red Olive help you to improve your business performance?

A good starting point for business performance improvement is to implement one of the key performance indicators (KPIs) that Red Olive will have recommended in the information and data strategy.

Red Olive will work with you to agree a practical way to calculate and capture the data and then measure the results.  Red Olive then works with you to apply an industry recognised performance improvement framework. Red Olive can provide your company and your staff with training on business performance improvement techniques.

Suitable for:

  • Organisations that need clarification to sort deeply rooted and complex performance problems
  • Businesses that need help clarifying and distributing resources
  • Companies that improve in one area but cannot leverage the benefits across their whole organisation