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Red Olive offers a range of services to help businesses make better use of the data they hold. From Business Intelligence and Business Performance Improvement to Data Quality and Master Data Management (MDM), the team at Red Olive can help to simplify processes and streamline how data is used and shared in an organisation.

With a personal, bespoke service and face-to-face communication we can help you to ensure that any new processes are employed seamlessly. As well as being flexible about how we work, we can be employed at any stage of a job – so whether you need help to handle an entire project or just one component, contact us to see how we can help you.

Vision: Information and Data Strategy

Red Olive’s Information Vision and Strategy services define precisely what information a particular client organisation needs to achieve its strategic business objectives. Whether your mission is ‘to the moon and back’ or something more modest, Red Olive’s perceptive and engaging consultants have many years of experience in the development of practical information and data strategies for long term success.

The information vision identifies specific long term goals, such as the need to acquire new external data or the establishment of data quality and governance processes. The strategy builds a practical roadmap for delivery, based on business priorities and ease of implementation ensuring business value is delivered early and then incrementally.

Information and Data Strategy

Developing an information and data strategy enables you to harness your information and data to achieve strategic business objectives such as higher market penetration, increased customer profitability and decreased overhead costs.

Business Performance Improvement

Red Olive's Business Performance Improvement enables you to get a better grasp of your data, helping you to provide a greater and more consistent customer experience while becoming more profitable.

Hot Topic Executive Briefing and Business Case Workshop

Red Olive’s executive briefing and business case workshop offers you the chance to get facts about a hot information or data topic and develops a high-level business case specifically for your organisation in just 3-4 hours.

Journey: People and Change

Once a client’s information vision and strategy are clear, Red Olive’s People and Change services enable the mobilisation of the client organisation to make that vision a reality. Just like astronauts need to prepare mentally for weightlessness, so Red Olive prepares its clients for blast-off.

This is handled through stakeholder and project initiation workshops, managing the procurement process, skills development and training and the establishment of information governance structures with clear information definitions and data standards.

Red Olive’s consultants prepare clients for a successful launch by tailoring the programme specifically to the client’s needs and building confidence through face to face updates and reports.

Perfect Procurement

Red Olive takes you step by step through the procurement process, advising you at every stage to ensure you make the most informed decision for your business.

Project Launch Workshop

The aim of an information project launch workshop is to create a project plan which all project team members buy into and which the right influential stakeholders agree to. Red Olive’s approach offers a very contained way to achieve that.

Information and Data Governance

Working with you, Red Olive develops an action plan covering information roles and responsibilities, data policies and standards to ensure that your processes are in place to ensure compliance with industry regulators as well as offering customers a more consistent experience.

Information Training and Development

From building in-house capability from scratch, through mentoring to providing a fully outsourced insight and innovation service, Red Olive has the expertise to educate and inform small teams, large groups, Board members and stakeholders.

Control Room: Harnessing the Power of Data

A successful launch is the visible culmination of disciplined preparation and outstanding expertise. Red Olive is able to help its clients achieve stellar business performance only through its mastery of the fundamentals of data.

Master data management (MDM), data quality improvement, dimensional data warehouse design and predictive analytics form the basic building blocks for organisational success. Red Olive is a specialist in the field of data management and is trusted by its clients to deliver the expertise that ensures a successful ascent.

Master Data Management Design and Implementation

Red Olive's approach to MDM is to empower business people and make them responsible for their own data by giving them access to data stewardship tools. We take the data of highest business value, review your target business processes and design a very flexible MDM system that that can accommodate frequent change.

Data Quality Improvement

Red Olive’s approach enables you to target your customers better by correctly segmenting them, to build teams who deliver great projects and achieve scale benefits in purchasing.

Dimensional Data Warehouse Design and Implementation

Working directly with your real data and through a series of structure interviews, Red Olive quickly delivers the highest impact information to your business.

Predictive Analytics

The aim of predictive analytics is to predict future behaviour or events using the data you hold about things that have already happened. Working in partnership with businesses, Red Olive helps its clients develop a predictive analytical capability using a framework that identifies patterns in historical data using data mining, while looking for new opportunities to increase profitability and decrease costs.

Data Migration

Data is the number 1 business risk during any major business change. Red Olive’s approach provides an auditable migration process which is independent of source and is ideal for complex environments, plus it enables data enrichment and establishment of master data management, lowering your total costs.

Safe Landing: Information Delivery

Achieving and maintaining out of this world performance requires successfully responding to an array of different information, ranging from predicting long range trajectory to monitoring detailed and real-time performance of critical systems.

Red Olive’s consultants have a long history in Business Intelligence (BI) including mobile BI and cloud computing. They are skilled at presenting key information in intuitive and innovative ways using dashboards, analytic applications and infographics.

Dashboard Design and Implementation

Your key measure of success is user uptake and our intuitive and graphical dashboards drive that. They can act as an easier entry point for your existing reports, or start a rigorous strategy into action or Balanced Scorecard campaign.

Query and Reporting

Whether routine information delivered as personalised reports or dynamically guided data ‘cubes’ to explore trends and trace problems, Red Olive delivers relevant information for you in business terms and in a timely and reliable way so the systems we deliver get used.

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